Please join us Saturdays at 6:00 pm.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church offers a Saturday evening worship experience at 6:00 pm.  The name of the service is Nishma, which is an ancient Aramaic word found in the book of the prophet Daniel (5.23).  The word refers to the spirit or “vital breath” that is instilled in us by God.  But more than its definition, the word carries with it a connotation of the mysterious and Godly utterance—God’s breath—that gives vitality and hope to life.  It is our deep desire that this worship experience provide a safe place for all to open their hearts to the presence of the Spirit.  This service is especially suited for those who may not feel comfortable in a traditional Sunday morning setting.

How is Nishma different from our traditional Sunday worship? 

Just like our other worship experiences, our Saturday evening service was created to stir all of the senses.  What is different is that our worship space is transformed providing several areas where one may sit, kneel, or stand in prayer.  We call these places that are set aside for prayer, “sacred spaces.”  Along with the creation of these sacred spaces, every effort has been made to create a worship space that is inviting and accessible in an atmosphere of sincerity where, through music, movement, art, and interaction, we may be present to the mysterious breath of God.

What to expect when you come to Nishma.

Our Saturday evening differs in other aspects as well.  The lighting is more ambient creating a spiritual glow.  The music, which often utilizes exotic instrumentation, is suited to the Ancient Near East feel that we try to reflect.  Worshippers are encouraged to explore the whole worship space at any time during the service, but especially during the Prayers and Communion.  And we encourage a worshipping posture that is comfortable and meaningful to you, whether kneeling at one of the sacred spaces, sitting on a pillow, or remaining at your seat.  We even encourage people to remove their shoes as if we are on holy ground. 

Take a long, deep breath, and enter with us into the life-giving mystery of Christ.